Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I'm weird. What's it to you?

I find the most fascinating site on the Internet.

Macerators? Power showers? Bathrooms en suite? It's a whole new world.


Anonymous said...

I trust you will install the Slipper Tub and the Glow-Warm Towel Rack forthwith? Thus saving close to 300 pounds.
Faithful Reader

Anonymous said...

so what if you are. everyone has a weirdness in their own way.


Jo said...

Mom: I mentioned to Chef Boy that I wished we'd seen the site prior to doing the bathroom remodel. After he finished his huge gulp of beer and got his color back, he asked, " save all that space in the bathroom. What do you DO with it?"

Gotta admit he had a point.

head chef said...

Well, I GUESS that we could install an in-the-wall clothes hamper, thus getting rid of the one on your bedroom floor while(gasp) saving you MORE space. Holy space-saving Batman!

edword said...

Yes, i can see here that it is great site.