Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Twas the day after Xmas; all over the yard

A lone dog was chewing his prime rib bone hard.

He didn't believe when I gave him the bone;
He thought he'd spend Christmas night cold and alone.

But I came home at seven and gave him his treat,
Something better than kibble and raw egg to eat.
What a sight! Big brown dog-eyes with all the white all around,
As he went off to bury his bone in the ground.

Now it's the day after. His joy undiminished,
He searches for bits of the bone that aren't finished.
I have a surprise for him, here in the kitchen;
Two other prime-rib bones. Max's Christmas is *bitchin'*.


woolywoman said...

MMMMhhmmmmm doggie happiness. I gave Ginger a big old bone, straight from the butcher. Then I went to work. Came home to bone. Couldn't possibly have eaten it, could she? I've looked everywhere, but she's not telling.

Jo said...

Wooly, what breed is Ginger? I ask because I used to have a dog who'd happily eat bones. Give her a cow femur and it'd be gone in a few days; rawhides wouldn't last an hour.

Of course, this was the same dog who had to get two teeth pulled after she chewed on a cement block....

woolywoman said...

Jo- Ginger is a uhmmm brown dog? Mostly maybe airedale? About 80 pounds of love, so I guess she could have eaten it. She can't go out when I'm gone, so it's somewhere in the house, I think. It's pretty warm here in northern CA, so I'm a little worried about it rotting. Still , I don't smell anything, so it could be gone, and she seems in perfect health, so I guess I should stop worrying. It was a femur looking thing, though...