Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You must read this.

The Lioness, a person who is not only a genius writer but also is nice enough to occasionally read this blog, wrote a lovely piece...

It's called The Jewish Gastronomic Factor, but could as well be called The Methodist Gastronomic Factor (thanks, Mom!) or The Italian Gastronomic Factor (thanks, Lidia!) or the Pakistani Gastronomic Factor (thanks, Hakima!).

It's for anyone who's ever felt the pressure to eat, eat, you look so skinny, no matter the source.

Twisty Faster just had a boob removed because of cancer. This is what cancer looks like, people. Go see the picture, shudder and cringe, and then read what she has to say about her experience. What bugs me is that the folks at the hospital served her nasty cold pancakes and fatty bacon the day after. Twisty, if I were closer, I'd bring you Gournay cheese and French bread and pounds of grapes.

Feministe has an excellent discussion of what makes beauty.

Michael Yon is back in Baghdad. Read his blog.

And for those of you who have money burning holes in your pockets, check this out.

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Lioness said...

Why thank you! I actually read you more than occasionally and have been meaning to update my links for ages but Microbiology gets in the way. Gah. I started reading you from the very first post and still have ways to go. Damn vet school, they don0t take these addictions into consideration.

On another note, it affords me great pleasure to realise I am not alone. ;)