Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What I did on my days off (includes obligatory food rambling)


So yesterday Bonnie the Miniature Dachshund had her teeth cleaned. She had a bad case of garbage-mouth, so it was way, way, way overdue. Chef Boy dropped her off at the vet's; I picked her up.

When the tech handed her to me, she gave a wail the equal of that produced by the Mystery! opening's Fainting Woman and threw herself on my chest, nose buried in my shoulder. She then went through several minutes of whining and shaking, alternated with gazing into my eyes as if to tell me of the Horrible Tortures she suffered.

Never mind that she spent the whole day in a comfy kennel with little tidbits pushed through the bars by the staff, when they weren't cuddling her and telling her what a sweet girl she is. There was apparently some discussion in the middle of the day over whose lap she would sit on during lunch.

I thought my cat was a drama queen.

No Hair Here

The clippers came out today. I'm now the proud wearer of an inch-long buzz. Note: one inch is much shorter than you might think.

You'd think I'd get *less* attention from men when I have almost no hair, but that isn't the case. At least, it's not the case with the hippie boys down at the natural food store and the punk daddies with kids in strollers. The old men at work love it when I have my curly pompadour, but the younger guys like the middle-aged chick rockin' the grrrl cut. It also keeps the frat boys from yelling out their windows as they drive past.

Plus, I bought a new eyeshadow.

And some new boots.

The boots have a two-and-a-half-inch stiletto heel and toothpicker toes. They're smooth Italian leather. I got 'em on deep, deep discount because I have huge feet. With size 9's, you can wear up to a ten if the toes of the shoes are very pointed indeed. Apparently, few women with large feet buy I Eat Men Like You For Breakfast boots.

And Food, too!

Tonight's dinner will be salmon, asparagus (roasted) and smashed potatoes. I had some cream and half-and-half I had to use up, so I experimented a little and came up with an eggless pseudo-Alfredo.

The pseudo-Alfredo sauce went on the other chunk of salmon I bought after I cut it up and sauteed it with mushrooms and steamed some broccoli. With nice chunky pasta, it will make two lunches.

Plus, I have a pleasant dry white wine (if the guy at the store can be trusted) to go with dinner tonight.

I should be studying EKG tracings. Did I mention that?


Anonymous said...

I had MY teeth cleaned today. Maybe I should try that routine when I get home tonite???


Jo said...

Hey, V! Tell Doctor Al to update her frimpin' blog, already, okay?

And maybe you should start your own.