Friday, October 14, 2005

I'll have to have a word with Dad, I think...

The first time I invite Mom openly to post, and I get my first troll. Coincidence? I think not! Time for a talk with the 'rents about Mom's meds.

So, in interest of feeding the trolls...

I think you have a bad attitude towards nursing students in general from the way you describe things...I remember all too well what it was like to be in their shoes and remember certain nurses treating some fellow nursing students like they were the gum on their shoes but they didn't mind having the students act as nursing assistants and not bother showing them actual procedures that would give them the hands on training they would benefit from when actually out there as a nurse when the time came. I am a nurse as well and look back on my clinical time as not much of a learning experience but more like free maid service....

If you'd read carefully, you'd've noticed that the only nursing students I had a problem with were those in this particular group. It's not that they're gum on my shoes, but that they're not safe and not prepared to work independently, which is what is expected from fourth-year students. Gum on my shoes would, actually, be a whole less scary. (Fun story about this to come later in the week, I promise.)

If you yourself look back on your clinicals as free maid service rather than a learning experience, then I have to wonder what sort of student you were. The only students whom I tag repeatedly with scutwork are the ones who've shown repeatedly that they can't take care of patients safely and well.

re: carnies) Interesting, you teach your child to look down on a whole group of people you know so little about. That's usually called racism, isn't it?

That's usually called a fallacious, straw-man argument.

Saying "carnies are like mummers" is what's called a "sweeping generalization". "Racism" is like this: "Blacks got all the rhythm and Jews got all the power." (Or, to more-finely-point it, it's "racism" for the first clause and "anti-Semitism" for the second.)

Saying "Anonymous trolls who can neither be trusted to read carefully nor to write their way out of a brown paper bag are a pain in the patookus" is what's known as "A stunning burst of insight and perception."

Just thought I'd clear that up for you.


Anonymous said...

Now you're looking down on trolls, another whole group of people, and you're treating them like gum on your shoes too. Will no one stop this madness?!

Jo said...

I'm depraved. On account of I'm deprived, of course.