Monday, October 03, 2005


So I've been, like, without 'Net access since, y'know, Wednesday of last week.


The Internets finally returned to their coop last night at about six; I recognized the shape my facial expression was taking as I logged on for the first time in five days. It's the same expression that junkies get when you walk in the door with the Dilaudid.

Fortunately, I have several books by Gerrald Durrell that got me through the worst of the DTs; plus, I've been working the last few days.

The reason the 'Net went out was a huge, gigantic, impressive thunderstorm that rolled in Wednesday afternoon, dropping hail the size of quarters and the temperature by twenty degrees (Fahrenheit, for my non-US pals).

In work news, the Idiot Instructor and her Dunderheaded Ducklings will be dealt with tomorrow, and not by me, thank God.

Also, a triumph: I managed to get an IV into a nice old man's ankle yesterday. This was a triple boon, as the patient was a) elderly and very dehydrated, b) three people had tried his arms multiple times with no success, and c) the IV was an 18-gauge. (For non-medical folks, that's about the size of a small finishing brad.) It took one stick, and the best part? When Shaggy, the IV God, leaned over and said, "You got it! Boy, and it's a *hog*, too." That remark carried me through the rest of the day in a good temper.

In non-work news: Today, I signed my life away for five years. Yes, fiends and neighers, I bought a car. The elderly (1993) Civic was getting to the point that small, disturbing things were beginning to happen, so I went out and got me a spandy-new 2006 Accord coupe, five-speed, with a cloth interior and a CD player. It's not been delivered yet, and I have to drive an automatic Element in the meantime, but I'm not complaining. The guy who sold me the car is very human, quite kind, and understood when I got all choked up as I was clearing the junk out of the old car.

So that's it. I'm back. RSS feed should be up and running nearly immediately.


Anonymous said...

glad you're back and glad that instructor will be dealt with - scary to read about her and her students!

I love Durrell's books - which ones were you reading??

Jo said...

Oooohhhh, let's see....

I got a helluva haul at the local used bookstore. The Book Gods were smiling. Among the finds:

In hardcover: Catch Me A Colobus, Fillets of Plaice, and A Bevy of Beasts. In softcover, small-format, The Bafut Beagles. I had read A Zoo In My Luggage and was looking forward to finding Beagles. It did not disappoint.

One super-duper bonus: a back-jacket picture of Durrell shows him to have been, in his prime, quite the hottie. Sort of like Thomas Jefferson was a hottie, but with a beard. If that whiny resident Cameron doesn't stop invading my House dreams, I'll switch over to Durrell with no trouble.

HypnoKitten said...

I've always thought Thomas Jefferson was a hottie. I just can't go for a guy who spends that much time on his hair!

Whats going to happen to your students? Are you saving the details until after it happens? ;)

Anonymous said...

what fun - zoo in my luggage is one of his best. Have you read "the Whispering Land"? I nearly put a car in a ditch when someone read parts of it out loud to me. and "my family and other animals" is also painfully funny.

Sad part is that he died after a liver transplant failed - too much drink + tropical diseases did him in too young.

new car sounds nice too - speaking as someone driving a 94 accord!

shrimplate said...

Must be I am getting old again because when somebody mentions an author named "Durrell" the 1st one I think of is "Lawrence" and not "Gerrald."

Wasn't "Gerrald" the meanie-boy bad guy on Wallace and Ladmo?

Congrats on the new Honda. Lovely cars, those. But you didn't mention the color.

Anonymous said...

oooooh you got one in an ankle... I have a hard time starting one down there, especially anything bigger than a 22. I'll go for a shoulder or finger first.