Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Top Predator Snorgles:

Okay, I know the story of this: Luna the orca was separated from his pod and imprinted on humans. (Luna died in 2006 after efforts to get him to go wild failed.) It's not surprising that an imprinted wild animal would go with what he knows, right?

But what the heck is up with this one? This is a major predator. It eats, you know, meat. And things about the size of humans. And has lots of big, sharp teeth with which to dismember you. It's cute and cuddly, yes, and I'd love to snorgle it....but I would be very aware of the teeth behind the lips.

(I note that the woman in the video is not touching the seal except to make kissyface at it. I would be hard-pressed not to give it back-scratches. Seriously. This is why I am someday going to be typing with my toes.)


Dr. Alice said...

I kept thinking the woman in the second video was going to get nailed by a bull seal protecting his harem. They are cute though. How can you not pet that fur?

bdaiss said...

Yeow! That'd be pretty awesome! Although really, my first thought is screw the seal, bring on the penguins! :)

me said...

Wow!! I thought the sea lion video had been pulled! The enviromentalists may scream, but I think that is the most fantastic video I've ever seen ~

Bardiac said...

I can't help but think: seal breath.