Saturday, April 24, 2010

The kids across the street are having a party.

After an hour of yowling from a woman who seemed to think that elliding her notes was akin to sounding like a drunken Sara Jaffe, the music stopped.

The band went away, to be replaced by a Celtic-mash group on acoustics, who, if I'm hearing it correctly, are playing the Who's "Boris The Spider" with three-part harmony on the "BOOORRRIIISSS THE SPIIIIDER" part.

Nice fiddle work.


Loki said...

Be excellent to each other.

And party on dudes.

woolywoman said...

nice when they wind up with the better band- easier to sleep through!

Jo said...

Wooly: At about 1 am, when I was taking the trash out, I noticed that the band had switched to a 1960's style martini-music group, complete with Hammond organ.

There were dreadlocked girls and boys waltzing solemnly in the street.

messymimi said...

I now live in a boring neighborhood where the "parties" are all of the members of the civic association having a barbecue, but I remember college condo life.

It certainly is livelier.