Friday, June 25, 2004

This is how it goes.

The pediatric patient I wrote about a couple of days ago? She smiled at me today.

Made my entire *week*.

I also had a great conversation with an 88-year-old woman who'd left college when her mom died to raise her two younger brothers...just before WWII started. Amazing.

And a third patient, a woman whom I'd admitted a few days ago, said "Don't tell any of the other nurses, but I think you're better than any of them. I like you."

Some days are just great, and then there's the gravy....

Like pulling up to the local drive-in burger place and seeing a woman who used to be an old patient of mine from Planned Parenthood, some six years ago. She has three kids now and is about to go back to school and looks happy and well and healthy.

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