Thursday, June 24, 2004

Good things about being single

1. You can clean the entire place and an hour later, it will still be as you left it.

2. You can clean the entire place in an hour, since you don't have to have a place big enough to house multiple people.

3. Ordering pizza with what you like on it, not what somebody else likes on it.

4. Two beers is enough.

5. Never finding your toothbrush inexplicably wet.

6. The seat *stays* down.

7. Laundry. Not as much of it, that is.

8. Walking around naked in your place without having somebody else grabbing you, snickering at your butt, or commenting on your cellulite.

9. Dates. (this might also go on a "bad things about being single" list)

10. Not having to wake up next to anybody unless you want to.

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