Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Surly to bed, surly to rise...

It has been a Vaguely Grumpy Day. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the humidity. Maybe it's lack of sex. Maybe it's lack of beer. Maybe it's lack of calories.

Yesterday, however, kicked ass. I went to a nice little scrub shop in the next town over that was packed *full* of interesting scrubs. I have a reputation at work to maintain, being the only nurse there with sushi scrubs, scrubs with cowboys on 'em, and scrubs showing Stepfordesque women who obviously love their appliances. Thanks to Beloved Sister for those.

The Haul yesterday was as follows:

One pair royal blue scrubs with multicolored embroidery around the neck and sleeves. The top made me think of saris.

One top with chickens on it. Chickens. I ask you, what less-likely pattern could you find for a scrub top?

One top from French Kitty, with winking Mod cat-faces on it.

One set of scrubs in a bluish lavender, which will undoubtedly freak out my coworkers, since I hate pastels.

One set of Dickies dark denim scrubs.

Two pairs each of navy and black pants.

And, when I got home, my white Dansko clogs had arrived. And, on the way up to my apartment, the nice man from the building across the lot gave me several fresh-caught sea trout filets. Not that I know what sea trout is, or what I ought to do with it, but I'm going to experiment tonight.

The marine life around here ranges from the inadvisable (gar, anyone?) to the bizarre ($10-per-pound scallops) to the acquired taste (squid and catfish and other things too strange to mention). I'm thinking that "sea trout" might actually be a name for something you don't really want to know much about. Like "monkfish". I saw a monkfish in a seafood shop once, still wholly corporate, and had nightmares for weeks.

Anyway, back to the scrubs. I think I might just be grumpy today because I have all these amazingly nifty things to wear to work, and I still have today and tomorrow off. The feeling of being cheated will stop abruptly at 4:20 Thursday morning, but for now it seems as good an explanation as any other.

Hell Cat said I should eat, nap, and get up again in a better mood. She said it works for her. She and I had salmon for lunch (her portion plain, mine with pesto) and now we will nap.

Later I will clean the oven and mop and vacuum and then sail out in the evening for a nice little drink at the local bar.

And perhaps I will be less surly tomorrow.

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