Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Obligatory trivia

I have a wisdom tooth that is lying sideways in my upper jawbone. It will never erupt, which is a good thing, considering that if it did I'd have a tooth in my ear. Yes, its cutting surface is toward my ear.

I drive an old Honda Civic hatchback named Nash. I love him. He has gotten me through horrible weather, moved my house more than once, and never been unreparably sick.

"A Case of You" is, IMO, the most perfect love song ever written.

I wear a size 9 shoe and a size 7 1/2 glove. Given that I'm 5' 2" on a tall day, this means my hands and feet must've been recycled from someone else.

I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch. (credit to Gilda Radner)

Sometimes I get an illogical craving for black-eyed peas.

I have red hair. Real red, yes.

Nursing was not my first career choice. I thought for years that I would be a musician until I discovered that I wasn't any good.

My favorite dog ever was a wolf-hybrid named Elsie. It took her years to really like me, and we didn't truly bond until she got very sick and I took care of her. I miss her, and she's been dead almost three years.

Most of my clothes are black. This is not because I'm grumpy but because I lack any sort of taste in clothing.

I will drive a long way for decent barbecue.

Thunderstorms terrify me.

I can take or leave chocolate, ice cream, cake, and other sweets. I don't crave sugar when I'm premenstrual. Show me a bag of Chee-tos and a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, though, and I'm your gal.

The best taco I've ever eaten came from a Mexican restaurant in Winfield, Kansas.

I'm still searching for the perfect salsa.

I like Brussels sprouts.

Despite my horrible lifestyle habits, I am still one of the strongest and fittest people I know. Those who live well get very frustrated when a boozing, overworked nurse can still kick their asses during a 10K walk.

My first boyfriend now sings with a band called "Your Mother" and looks like William Shatner--post-toupee. How the mighty have fallen!

Brown and green and hazel eyes knock me out.

I keep my hair really, really short. For a while I kept it long but it was a pain in the ass.

I write bad rhyming doggerel sometimes, but I never know when the Muse will strike.

I sing songs to my cat about how wonderful she is. She hates that.

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