Sunday, April 08, 2012

My poor Max!

I got home tonight to discover that The Best Boy had a bloody head. Not specks or splotches of blood, but patches of bright red rubbed-off blood that had come from somewhere else. When I looked closely at his ears, I discovered that they were covered with the awful, horrible, nasty, icky biting flies that drink blood and come around in the spring.

Vampire flies. On my boy.

So I brushed them off and let him in and anointed him with antibiotic ointment. Then Flashes sat down and groomed his head, so that the blood wouldn't make him any less handsome. You could see where he'd shaken, hard, trying to get the flies off, and where he'd rubbed his face with his paws to discourage them.

Poor guy. I have no idea where the flies came from. It's war, though: tomorrow, rain or shine, I am putting out freaking fly traps and laying down cedar granules and nematodes.

And I have a cold. This is the first time I've been head-sick (as opposed to tummy-sick) since surgery. Eighteen months and no clinging head cold; this one could not be dislodged with zinc and Emergen-C. It is, of course, the Worst Cold Ever, and I Need My Mommy. I have completely utterly totally lost my voice and there are interesting poppings going on in the neighborhood of my right ear.

But I'm much more worried about Max. I, after all, have bourbon. Max only has ointment. He's sprawled out on his bed right now, sound asleep. I wish I could give him some Maker's.

I also wish I had a toaster that didn't have two settings: Raw and Burnt.

I also wish I had a gallon of Mom's Mexican chicken soup.

I guess this is what those damned swollen nodes in my chest were trying to tell me.


reddog said...

Your poor Best Boy Ever! Vampire flies sound horrible. Thank god we don't have them here in the Midwest. Hope you eradicate the bastards soon.

Rosanna said...

Poor Max with those AWFUL fly bites, and poor you, Jo, with your TERRIBLE cold............ I sure hope you both *Get Well Soon*!!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Sending love and DEET for the Nasty Biting flies. Poor bubby. Yes, colds suck and seldom come around me too so I feel for your sinuses altho cannot imagine what you are going thru after the other... onward, Jo.

messymimi said...

My sympathy to both of you; wish i could send enough soup to share. And a toaster.

bobbie said...

Awww ~ poor Max!! My 2 hooligans send him sniffs and tail wags.

Boo on the cold-from-hell; and YIPPEE-AI-AY on the clean CT!!!