Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I get all excited about the weather, and then everything catches fire.

I may be rather scarce for the next couple of days. The fires aren't near Casa Jo, but the air is horrible--smoky, hazy, awful--and I'm staying glued to the fire maps on the Innerwebs.

Pray for rain, Peeps. We need it, bad. It was enough that every stock tank was dry; now they're dry and ON FIRE.


Anonymous said...

good luck,I'm definitely keeping all of Texas in my prayers

bobbie said...

Sending vibes for rain and safety to TX ~

Swifty PhD said...

Thanks for posting, Jo. Been thinking about you.Glad you are safe. I'll pray the rain gods send some of the rain we have been having here in RI down your way. Our sump pump will appreciate the break.

clairesmum said...

would send the Boston area rain your way too, if only I could!
my dog is absolutely soaked to the skin after a day at day care -she likes to stay out in the rain - and boy, she sure has that old wet dog aroma now!
the picture of the Austin skyline is scary, as are the other news photos.
i can't imagine that kind of fire, and pervasive air pollution. so scary for everyone.

Rosanna said...

Most of my Family is 1,800 miles away in Texas----(i.e., in the Lubbock area, where my 85-year-old parents and #3 of my siblings live; and also in the Dallas; College Station; Houston; Amarillo; and San Angelo areas, where other Immediate/Extended Family members live)----and the continuing drought and raging wildfires sure have (legitimately) caused me a lot of *worry/sleepless nights*.

No one in my Family (yet) has lost their homes/property/*lives* in the wildfires, thank goodness; but I do genuinely feel............ so, *so* sorry for those who have, though.

'No worse pain than that from being burned; and uncontrolled wildfires just scare me shi**ess - (i.e., 'probably should scare all of us with their incredible speed and raging ferocity).

As Swifty PhD----(i.e., Above @ 1:56 PM)----said about RI, I'll also pray that some of the rain we've been having up here in PA will be sent down to all of Texas, Jo. I now routinely worry about YOU in Texas (no kidding) as much as I do about my Immediate/Extended Family!!

Elyse said...

In 2009 a summer wildfire came so close they had to set a backfire very close to where I live. The air looked horrible for days and we could smell it for weeks.

The most striking thing about it was that even after at least a week of air that looked clear, it wasn't. Took me by surprise as my lungs continued to react as if there was still visible smoke or haze. Glad you are OK!!

messymimi said...

Praying the little system now in the Gulf will simply bring lots of relieving rain to Texas and Mexico.

Halie (Scrubs Editor) said...

We're all thinking about you and TX this week!

Cr0w$C@lling said...

On the news tonight the anchor noted that even if all the rain that was deluging the east fell on Texas today, we'd still be a foot short of what we needed.

Hottest, driest summer ever, including the dustbowl.