Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, that was....squishy.

Dr. Crane says I'm healing beautifully. I'm going to have a PET scan in a couple of months (well, April) to make sure that no nasty bits are hanging out in my neck, or anything. Tomorrow I'll get molded again by the Prosthodontics Elf, which should be a hoot and a half.

And the mammogram? Not painful at all. Not even cold. I think this comes of going to a place that does only mammograms all the time.

The positive experience did not stop me from doing a cross between the Time Warp and the Hokey Pokey at the check-out desk, though. Not at all.


clairesmum said...

Yup, squishy is about right. Actually probably not as painful or 'uncomfortable' as some of the other stuff you have had done.
Glad you are healing beautifully.
How are you doing in getting insurance to pay up for the prosthetic (or whatever the correct term is)?

Jo said...

Clairesmum: The surgeon is going to write a letter to the insurance company for me (note to self: send him contact info tomorrow) as part of the appeal. He told me this: "I'll just point out to them that you need this prosthetic to protect your airway. They cover breast reconstruction, so why shouldn't they cover this?"

I don't mind paying *something* for the prosthetic, really; I'd just like the insurance company to step up and make the $XX dollars I've paid them over the years mean something. We'll see.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Jo, I sure hope the insurance company ponies up their portion. I hate it when you (or I) pay and pay and pay and then they balk at a true need. Good luck; I am sooooo glad you are better.

Penny Mitchell said...

The mammo center I go to keeps a heating pad between the plates of the machine. And they have dim lighting and candles burning. Seriously.

One tip: NEVER go for a mammo the week before your period. I made that mistake. Once. I can't overstate the difference between squishing non-hormonal boobs (meh) and squishing PMSy boobs (HOLYSHITITHINKIMIGHTACTUALLYDIE)

They still hurt the next day.

scotvixen said...

Good news is always welcome, hurrah! Go pat yourself on the back!

Moose said...

I refer to mammograms as "putting your tits in the waffle iron."

messymimi said...

Glad the garlic breath was unneeded.