Monday, January 31, 2011

Bonus Post: the second most misunderstood post ever, plus what I'm thankful for...

Please note, emailers and posters, that I didn't mention word one about going low-carb in connection with bison meat. I buy red meat maybe three times a year, and this time I decided to try bison loaf rather than beef loaf. I'm more concerned about hormones and weird finishing-lot stuff than anything else. I've seen feedlots. They're not cute.

Also, emailers and posters, please note that I didn't say that Der Alter Jo's boyfriend was *my* boyfriend. To wit:

1. Der Alter Jo is a different person.

2. Her boyfriend, RatBoy ("Wait, Wait: Don't Tell Me" reference) does not eat beef.

3. My boyfriend doesn't eat beef either, but that's because


Y'all just take a pill. Please. I didn't bury the lead. Penny, put down the rice. Mom, don't panic. Thank you.

Also, I am very thankful to have the sort of friend in Der Alter Jo whom I can text as I'm watching Sherlock Holmes episodes and say, "Seeing Counsellor Troi in 'The Sixth Napoleon' is just weird" and have it make sense. I swear, if Alter Jo started following fashion blogs, we'd be the same damn person.

She gave me a Kindle, which was akin to giving Iggy Pop a fresh needle and a bottle of bleach. She sent me a box of Archie McPhee stuff to hand out to visitors while I was in bed hopped up on Dilaudid. But the most valuable thing D.A.J does, besides being a totally-trustworthy, kickass nurse? Is be as nerdy as I am.

Well, that and keep tea in her bag at work. That's good, too.


bdaiss said...

Really? I thought that post was pretty straight forward. Also...bison is der wunderbar. Being out here in SD I eat a ton of it. It CAN be a bit dry. And you must not overcook. It becomes leather much more quickly than beef. Let me know how your adventures in "buff" go - I've got an awesome bison chili recipe if you'd like it.

Allison said...

The map of Tasmania is the funniest thing I have seen in quite awhile. Thx!

Anonymous said...

What was the 1st? Oh and you totally derailed my study time, I ended up watching the 6 napoleons and the Bruce-Pattington plans.

messymimi said...

So, how is the bison working out?

Moose said...

Sorry :/.

My comments about low carbing were to the person who seemed to insist that all diabetics must "avoid carbs".

Frankly, low carb works for some people (diabetic or not) and it is a total failure for others. People who think that "if it worked for me it should work for you" should be shot. All sorts of medical treatments, for disease from diabetes to, yes, cancer, aren't 100% perfect for every person. We're not made from cookie cutters.

TL;DR: Eat what you want, screw everyone else :-).

Related: I used to live near a bison farm (in NW Pennsylvania) and drove past it nearly every day. The funniest thing I saw was the farmer (rancher?) patting the head of one of the bison. He had to streeettchh way up to reach it's head. Those beasties are H U G E!!!!

Penny Mitchell said...

Rice? As if. I would throw birdseed.

And I don't want to see Troi in anything, ever again. I'm still pissed they killed Data instead of that foofy ball of hair.