Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute Overload.

My pal Joey (SWIDT?) has just adopted a cute little fluffy white dog named Dexter. He's a Coton-de-Something, officially the officialest official dog of Madagascar that anybody has ever seen.

(Joey is like that. She gets invited to parties where Noam Chomsky just might be hanging out by the guacamole. Even her dog's breed is unintentionally fucking cool.)

Anyway, he's adorable, and I say this as somebody who does not like small dogs. Anything under 40 pounds is bait, unless it's a dachshund. But Dexter? Adorabubble. So much so that I have been compulsively checking Joey's Facebook page to see if there are more videos of him sleeping, or chewing on a toy, or playing in somebody's lap.

She asked if there were any apps for puppies. I, in a moment of genius, replied that there are two: SLEEP and PLAY. The trick, of course, is getting 'em to download at the right times.

Our own HN Mascot, Max, is also being terminally cute. While he was drinking from his big huge water bowl today, Flashes (the stripey, smaller cat) decided to come up for a drink as well. Flashes has to do everything Max does.

That led to many licks from Max, as Flashes seems to have some sort of Tiny Flavr, and left Flashes sort of damp all over. Which means that they're now cuddled up on Max's bed so Flashes can stay warm.

It's all freaking cute all the time up in here.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Cute barely describes animals doing their little thing...

messymimi said...

The only advantage to small dogs is they yap when they hear anything, like a burglar. Burglars will try to feed bigger dogs to quiet them, but they hate small, yappy dogs.

We had a cat and dog that were inseparable companions when i was a kid. Thanks for bringing back the memory.