Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two more favors (Jeez, they never end, do they?)

First, that you would send some prayers up for Naomi, a seven-year-old kid in Colorado who's having a hell of a time just now.

And second: Lurkette, could you please email me at the link to the right? Thankee.


messymimi said...

Keep asking. It's okay.

Yes, I will pray for Naomi.

Lurkette said...

Yes'm. Right away. Both things.

Anonymous said...

Jo, I just caught up on the diagnosis and it sucks hind tit in triplicate. I am SO very sorry that you have to face this.

I am perfectly normal and quite straight, but I still want you and the kitties to move into my m-i-l apartment where I can take care of you. I know that we are officially complete strangers, but you are on my prayer list. I wish I could offer soft casseroles and a night of frozen Pina Colodas...but healing thoughts and my prayers are all I can do.

You have many friends you do not know IRL, and we still care-very much.

Pattie, RN

shrimplate said...


shrimplate said...

Addendum: It's okay if the bed sneezes. However if it begins to scratch at the door to go outside, you may have a problem.

Anonymous said...

My daily prayers for you and Naomi. Be strong, be brave cos I know God has something better in store for you.


GingerJar said...

Prayers on the way!