Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me; My Sister:

Me: My cancer is a pussy-ass wimpy cancer.

My Sister: Your cancer is going to renaissance festivals.

Me: My cancer has a drawer full of twelve-sided dice.

My Sister: Your cancer watches QVC, and buys stuff off of it.

Me: My cancer lives in its parents' basement.

My Sister: Your cancer wears a three-wolf shirt unironically.

Me: My cancer forwards emails.

My Sister: You win.


bobbie said...

Yep. You win.

Penny Mitchell said...

Your cancer forwards emails WITHOUT REMOVING ALL THE HEADERS.

'Drea said...

See, that's why I always wanted a sister.

Shannon said...


Cartoon Characters said...

"It’s just how we deal with the uncomfortable----we poke it with a stick."

Quote by this comedian who did a round on cancer as a tribute to his mom when he found out she was newly dx and couldn't make his show: