Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Googly-Moogly, this room is a mess.

It has not been the easiest morning.

After I posted that question from PhiloRN, I got hit by one of those awful dark hopeless moods that are bad enough when you don't have a thing in the back of your throat, and even worse when you do.

I'm really sick of being brave and cheerful, so all the brave-and-cheerful went down in a rush.

Then I went to bed. And got up again, and saw that my study/guestroom/cat-napping area looks like a tornado hit it. So I'm going to clean. ALL the things.

When I'm done, I'm sure the brave-and-cheerful will have come back. It better have.


Penny Mitchell said...

Clean ALL the things?

bobbie said...

Sending hugs and the knowledge that you don't ALWAYS have to be B&C ~~~

Elsie said...

Cleaning things can be calming, I've found. Hope it helps! Have you considered brave-and-pissed-off or scared-silly-but-cheerful-in-a-gallows-humour-sort-of-way? I've found those to be helpful too.

messymimi said...

It really is okay to lose the brave and cheerful sometimes.

I find that yelling at the Almighty helps a good bit when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Have a ((hug)) from the UK

woolywoman said...

You can bury a lot of trouble digging in the garden.

Suzanne B. said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. And I have lots of weeds that need tending to, in case you run out of things to keep you occupied.

Allison said...

Screw brave and cheerful - what kind of response is that to having an alien invader in the roof of your mouth? You can just be any damn way you want to be. I like cleaning when I'm stressed, it can be soothing.

RehabNurse said...


There is something calming to me about cleaning. I have done it in some very dark periods in my life.

I think it gives me a sense of control, which when life is busy trying to beat you up, is a very good thing.

Clean away if you need it!