Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts during the sixth-of-six:

1. This new woman I'm training? Way too sweet and way too friendly and way too skilled to be working with us. We'll teach her to be cynical and nasty-minded, but I'm afraid laziness is beyond her.

2. Indian food! New Girl On The Block brought a variation of biriyani unlike any I'd had before. It had red and yellow rice in it! We all traded food, so I had a combination of homemade Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Thai and take-out American for lunch.

3. My next dog will probably be three rescued pit crosses, a bull terrier, two Kangal mixes like the Zoaters, and a herd of goats with a couple of Strider-clones to watch over them. I think I might need a farm.

4. And on that note, I have a long-term goal: by the time I'm sixty (ie; in 20 years) I want to be one of those husky-voiced, stocky Texan women who can run a baler and fire a shotgun and who owns her own land. Mine might have a super-efficient earthship on it, true, but that won't stop me from exercising my second-amendment rights to fire shots in the air to scare off coyotes. (Seriously? I couldn't shoot a predator, even, unless it was coming after me. But using dogs and donkeys and llamas to kill them/scare them off? Cool.)

5. I've finally figured out how residents do it: First, you work until you're exhausted. Then you work until you get that brittle, cheerful, hyped feeling. Then you work through that. Then you fall over and sleep. Then lather, rinse, repeat.

I am feeling distinctly harsh and unforgiving tonight, along with being cheerfully brittle. I feel like I've had six cups of coffee today, when it's only been two, and I doubt I can sleep.

The folks who do this repeatedly for up to seven years (shout-out to Beloved Cousin Claire!) have mad props from me. When people ask my why I didn't go to med school, I tell them that *this* feeling is why.

6. Good fucking night.


messymimi said...

I agree especially with #4. I don't want to have to shoot anything, but I don't mind having guard animals around to protect from predatory animals. Land and some animals and a nice garden would suit me fine.

ZANE said...

I did 14 12hr shifts in a row once and was an evil troll towards the end.

I work with nurses who have done as many as 50 straight shifts between two hospitals, not all are 12hr but still to have that much interaction with patients and families!! Yikes!

Allison said...

Rattlesnakes - you're gonna have to have snake shot for the snakes.

woolywoman said...

reason number seventy jilion why I am glad I did not become doctor instead of nurse: would you want to work that hard, just to emerge into a job so busy that you never had time to talk to anyone, unless i as to sign out or give an order? Nope. give me my nice union position any day, with vacation time accumulating every. day. I .work.