Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gronk Blar Argh Bleah, as I told a Faithful Minion.

I am not sure what day it is or where "up" might be. Near as I can tell, I'm still vertical, but it's a struggle. I have worked six days out of seven this week and am wondering how people who do this all the time manage it.

Such is life when you're a delicate flower who needs regular baths in the blood of virgins to stay at your best.

Today I train a new person for the NCCU. Let's hope I don't make any really stupid mistakes. Moderately stupid would be acceptable, but not really stupid.

More Sunnydale funtime stories to come in the coming week, once my sleep deficit is repaired.


Judy said...

I hope you get some rest. It never makes sense that nurses need to be alert since they are handling such critical issues and then they work you to death. That blood of virgins thing is going to be a little difficult in this day and age.

Cartoon Characters said...