Sunday, August 22, 2010

I would

just like you all to know:

I have a monster knot in my left calf.

As in, so bad it made me think I have a DVT. Nope, just a monster knot.

How come?

Atilla made me do one hunnert-n-twenny (three sets of forty) calf raises on a step yesterday. With twenty pounds in each hand.

Then running.

And then more lifting.

If I were Hyperbole&1/2, I would be drawing pictures of screaming people with really, *really* muscular calves right now.



'Drea said...

Are you able to even walk?

Kudos for taking care of business...

messymimi said...

Even with your new limitations on exercise because of your neck/shoulder, she still manages to mangle you more.

You are one tough cookie.

Halie said...

I'm getting sore just reading this!

shrimplate said...

Maybe you simply overdid it a little.

Hope it feels better soon!

Tonjia said...

Ow is right!! just reading about it makes my calf hurt!!!