Friday, August 13, 2010

I cannot believe I am having to say this.

People, listen up:

This shit, right here? Is copyrighted.

Just because it doesn't have a copyright notice at the bottom of the page doesn't mean it's not copyrighted. Just because I don't have a widget that says I have a Creative Commons license doesn't mean that I don't. And just because you can repost my shit--this shit, right here--and maybe have two or three days or a month before I find it does not mean that I won't find it.

I can use Google as well as anybody else. Plus, I have minions all over the Interwebs. Plus-plus, there are ways of finding out if somebody's snagged this shit right here and reposted it without credit.

I don't mind sharing this shit if you just ask me. Credit me as Jo, or credit the shit as having come from Head Nurse, and I'm cool. Send me an after-the-fact heads-up saying, "Yo, bitch, I reposted your shit on Name Of Blog" and we're all good. Just don't post my shit like it's your shit. Even if it's in company with other really cool shit, like stuff from H&1/2 or Whoopee.

What the hell can I do, you ask? Well, honestly, not much. I suppose I could hit you with a C&D snowball, but what the hell: the Internet is a wild place, and it's best that way, and really, there's nothing much legally I could do to your lousy ass that would stick. Copyright-infringement lawsuits are generally not bumped to the top of anybody's docket ahead of, you know, gruesome murders of multiple small animals, or anything.

Kharma, however, will bite you in the ass. You will develop the Internet version of psoriasis, or end up with hemorrhoids large enough to qualify for their own ZIP code, and/or develop a nasty rash that will be public enough and weepy enough to prevent you from ever getting laid again. Ever. Your dick will shrink to the diameter and length of my little finger at the same time that your thighs suddenly grow thick, dark, wiry hair unlike any hair on the rest of your body.

You will have really, really bad breath. That's how serious Kharma takes this stuff.

So cut it out. Don't repost my shit without permission. I'm easy, I swear, and there are plenty of guys out there who'll swear it along with me.

In short: ask, and we're cool. Don't ask, and be prepared for termites, locusts, hemorrhoids, and total lack of sexual stimulation for the rest of your life.

Leave the blog. Take the cannoli.


messymimi said...

I am very angry on your behalf.

What ever happened to integrity? I would much rather have the most boring blog in the world, which I do, and be posting my own thoughts, than take credit for someone else's work.

Thank you for your integrity, by the way, along with your fabulous writing style.

SteveC said...

To quote my father, "You can have anything you need, just ask. But just don't take stuff."

If I quote another blogger, I give credit, and provide a link back to their blog. Once I didn't... not sure if I forgot, was in a hurry, or what. But the next day I sent that blogger a note and offered to remove my post if he wished. He was kind enough to accept my apology.

Adventures of a Funky Heart!

Crazed Nitwit said...

LMAO! I'm so glad I gave you credit with it linked back to your blog when I reposted your advice for nursing students. Soooooo, how do I explain my longer than a year fight with nasty face covering eczema?(something to ponder) It's pretty much cleared up now but I suffered for over a year and through many job interviews looking like I had zits or never washed my face.

Sorry there are too many jackasses in this world!

Cartoon Characters said...
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Andrea said...

Seriously? What a dickhead.

"Leave the blog, take the cannoli" - you were my hero before, now your'e my superhero! Love it.

Hane2SO4 said...

The cannoli comment made milk come out of my nose. THANK YOU.

JannieCPH said...

You tell 'em Jo !!! Got really pissed when I found your last post on that other blog. You are an amazing writer and an inspiration to a this tired and overworked Danish nurse :-)

RehabNurse said...

My worst nightmare. Also the same reason why I don't post certain stuff online tired of the crap ending up wherever.

ZANE said...

**Le Gasp**

Moose said...

I am *constantly* finding my work on other people's websites. In the US I can deal with it easily enough -- if the offending jerk refuses to remove it their ISP will usually take it down for them, sometimes while canceling their account.

But the overseas people who steal my stuff just ignore me, and their ISPs ignore me too. It's really, really annoying.

Anonymous said...

As a nurse, I always think that karma will be mine.....someday that person might find him/herself in my care, and I'll have a 20g foley in my hand....

snarkygurl said...

I borrow quotes from blog articles all the time since I write for shit; however, I ALWAYS link the quote back to the original article. Actually, that's how I found you--someone quoted you and I followed the link. So I'm just doing my part to share the love...

Jose' said...


it's 2 in the morning; I just got back into town after 5 weeks and 10k miles in a car with a sunroof, and i just laughed out of my chair.

I've missed this shit.

Excellent. Write on.