Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Weird Stuff My Cats Eat, because nobody cares what *I* had for lunch....

Notamus (big grey boy):

kiwi fruit
Kashi GoLean
clementine oranges
apple slices
Boca burgers

Flashes (smaller stripey boy):

Cat food
Mashed potatoes. (???)

Plain. Mashed. Potatoes. With no butter or cream or anything.


Rosemary said...

Are you sure your cats aren't really dogs in disguise? And my dogs will only eat lettuce if it has salad dressing on it.

ChicChickadee said...

Notamus is such a healthy eater!

Luis said...

Riley of blessed memory:

Cat food
Dog food
Obvious human food (turkey, chicken, ham, etc.)
Potato peels (at least once)
Cantaloupe (all the damn time)
Anything else he could get

Tiger of blessed memory:
Cat food
Obvious human food
Corn on the cob
Tomatoes right off the vine

Our current two cats? Eat only cat food. They will not touch human food at all. This is very, very strange.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Fig Newtons
Feta Cheese
Cheerios in milk
Mushrooms growing outside (oh no!)

The Ethical Miss said...

Jo - I love your blog. As an emergency and critical care veterinarian, I need to let you know that some cats and dogs develop acute renal failure from grape or raisin ingestion. The ASPCA animal poison control has seen more cases in dogs than in cats, but it is known to happen. Unfortunately, we have not been able to discover the toxin, and to make things more confusing, there are many dogs and cats who eat grapes their whole lives with no ill effects. While your cat may be one of the lucky ones, I'd recommend people not feed grapes or raisins to any cat or dog. Also, cats definitely develop acute renal failure when they eat any part of a lily plant. Thanks!

Jo said...

Mara, thank you. I knew about the dangers of grapes, raisins, and onions for dogs and cats, but I'm sure some other folks don't.

For the record, Notamus has eaten only one grape in his entire life. I keep things like that way the heck away from him normally.

Also, thanks for the info on lily plants. I didn't know they were poisonous to cats. That's a good bit of information for a person whose cats are irrationally attracted to houseplants!

Northwoods Baby said...

Chunky Monkey: Doritos. She'd crawl into the bag to get at them if necessary.

Pasturella (of Pestis fame): creamed corn.

Kitty, AKA Thelma, our current cat: rodents of assorted shapes and sizes. And cat food. We've never seen her eat anything else. Oh, birds. Rodents and birds and cat food. It seems so odd.

Anonymous said...

rodents, birds,and cat food(dry and canned) yam, sandwich meat (especially ham), dried squid,milk (even if it has cereal or sugar

teacher's cat:tapioca

friend's cat:watermelon