Sunday, October 01, 2006

Loopy, Lazy, and Linktastic.

I suppose I could post about the last couple of days at work, but I really don't feel like it. See, I got really sick yesterday after my workout from a combination of this week's stress and a huge bout of circuit training, and then I felt so bad last night that I forgot to take my antidepressant, and then I had weird dreams about planes nearly crashing and me nearly losing The Cat on the streets of Paris. So when I got up, I took the usual dose of antidepressant, but then discovered that I had no coffee (jarring music) and the combination of Lapsang Souchong tea and enough venlafexine to drop a rhino made me feel so bad that I had to go back to bed for a while.

Plus, The Cat is garking up hairballs and being lethargic. She doesn't feel so good, either.

But I *do* have links. I got one of those memes from Chocolate & Raspberries, along with a couple of other people (thanks, Crystal!) that asks for your seven favorite songs and your seven favorite blogs. I don't *have* seven favorite songs (well, I do, but they change every ten minutes), but I do have bloggy wonderment. So let's get to it:

Bad Hair Day is the less funny, more coarse sister of Go Fug Yourself...but it's worth reading anyhow. Good tips here on how not to end up looking like Fergie.

I've mentioned Dogblog before. It deserves mention again. I especially love the picture of the basset hound with glowing green eyes who has ACQUIRED TARGET LOCKED ON TARGET BASSET BOT SAYS HELLO in the archives.

For more critter fun, there's Cute Overload. CO is the hottest thing going right now; I feel quite smug that I've been reading it since its inception. The only drawback to CO is that some of the smaller animals tend to make their way into my non-antidepressant-brained dreams.

If you need a laugh, you must go to The Comics Curmudgeon. I discovered a real appreciation for bad comics here.

There's also Snarkywood. It's along the lines of GFY. My only complaint is that they don't update it enough (same deal as with Dogblog).

For those questions that just can't be answered well enough by Google, there's Wikipedia. If you're not already addicted to Wiki, you ought to be.

Shakespeare's Sister is a left-leaning (hell, it's a screaming liberal lefty commie blog, just like mine) group blog that's all about the politics.

I read The Disgruntled Chemist a lot, just for fun. It's nice to read somebody smarter than oneself.

That's eight. Have a good time. I'm going back to bed after I do some dishes.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a link to and a post about the recent Supreme Court decision that will likely impact nurses and their ability to organize.

Misty said...

I dunno, I think we're more socialist than commies. ;)