Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I really, really meant to do the seven by seven that other bloggers have tagged me with tonight. I swear I did.

But I got distracted with making biriyani.

Oh, my God. I make some kick-ass biriyani. I do.

You can taste the ghee in the plain rice. The yogurt-marinated chicken is perfect and tender. The onions are burnt to just the right burnt-onion taste, and the potatoes are brown.

I think I'll go Google "Sindhil Ramamurthy" and "John Abraham" (my friend Deepa says, "And he has a name you can pronounce!!") now.

Mmmmm. Biriyani.

In fact, if you don't bite into one of those *$(*(*$#@&* dried tamarinds contained in the Bombay Biriyani mix, it's perfect. PERFECT, I tell you.


From the "Oh, Shit, I Forgot" Files...

Check this out.

I have no clue how long Janet has been blogging, or how long she's been a nurse. What I *do* know is this: if you want to model your nursing blog on somebody, model it on Janet's. She writes in a simple, straightforward style with understandable language and heart-wrenching simplicity. It's fast becoming my new favorite, along with Sid's.


kate loving shenk said...

hi jo--

love biriyani!!! want to share your recipe!!??

i just discovered your blog--
do you want to check out my blog?


tell me what you think--

peace (of mind)

kate loving shenk

Janet said...

Wow,Jo, I'm really touched. Thank you for the compliment. I've been reading your blog for a long time and have always admired your spirit and intelligence. I always wanted to be able to blog like you.