Friday, January 20, 2006

Good news, chilluns, good news!

My pal with ovarian cancer?

Doesn't have cancer at all, thanks be to Frog.

Turns out what she had is some sort of crazy rare benign growth that thankfully didn't contain hair and teeth but is related to that sort of germ cell tumor. She's good.

She's been off Ovarex for a few days now and is feeling much better.

Her family got a little snitty, calling this a "scare" and an "over-reaction", but my feeling is this: when the docs are united in putting a young patient on what's normally a salvage drug for ovarian CA, *they're* pretty damned scared.

She looks like a cross between one of the Desperate Housewives and Skeletor, ie, skinny and absolutely no ass, but is no longer sort of...flat. It's amazing what that 20% difference in "You might live five years" to "You will live five years" will do for a girl's mood. Plus, all her hair has not quite fallen out yet, so she's leaving it.

Thanks to all who sent good wishes and advice and email and hats. I think the general outpouring of goodness had a lot to do with this.


Dr. Alice said...


I understand the family's being upset, but I'm with you. You can't know what's in there until you get in there and look at the tissue. I'm glad she's okay.

Bardiac said...

GREAT news!

It's always wonderful to hear some really good news for someone.

Anonymous said...

Really good news! I'm so happy for her - and you.

Kim said...

Thank god!!!!

I'm concerned re: my daughter. She actually had a "hair and teeth" cyst (ie teratoma) on one ovary and now has a new one on EACH ovary, within a year. Now, normally I'm not one to get all worried but when she had her appendix out almost two years ago they found a carcinoid tumor that would have spread, slowly, had the appendix stayed in. So, we wait for the consultation/laparoscopy/cystectomy/biopsy.

But to get to my original point, I am SO happy for your friend!

Anonymous said...

Get the F**K outta here !!! That is just so wonderfully brilliant. Congrats!

shrimplate said...

She sounds beautiful.. and alive.

Beautiful and alive. Damn, that's good. Wonderful.

PaedsRN said...


My mum had a pancreatic cancer scare a few years back and she was the one feeling bad when it all turned out to be something else! The family had swarmed on her from afar, and she was worried about the money spent. We were all like, as if we care!

Wonderful news.