Thursday, August 18, 2005

What do geckos eat?

I ask this because I found a pink gecko in my bathroom today.

Pink didn't strike me as being the first color choice of your average gecko, so I slapped on the glasses and took a good look at him/her. Little cloverleaf paddy-paws, check. Big bulgy eyes, check. Black-ringed tail, check. Two inches from nose to tip of said tail, check.

But pink?

It seems healthy and active. I'm afraid to catch it, because it looks so delicate. Besides, don't geckos' tails come off if you try to grab them? And couldn't I break a leg or some ribs or something?

So in the bathroom it stays. I'll put a plant in there later to give it some cover from the Evil Cat Who Eats All Small Creatures, and it already has plenty of water. I figure if I can keep it alive for a few more days, it might climb up onto a wall or some flat surface where I can trap it under a glass and then take it outside.

Sure is a cute little guy. I think I saw it flicking around the corner of the cabinet about two weeks ago--at the time, I wasn't sure whether it was a scorpion (unusual this far East, especially three stories up) or a lizard. I'm glad he's a lizard. A pink scorpion would've seriously screwed up my worldview.


me said...

Where do you live that geckos run free???? (Esp. pink ones!)

Wendy, R.N. said...

He is not so much pink, as albino. You can probably see his organs through his somewhat translucent skin.

We have them all over the place here in Miami. He'll eat ants, and other small crawling insects.

They really seem to like bathrooms for some reason.

Anonymous said...

A pink gecko sounds too cute! :)

Jo said...

He's not albino. Honest. He's screeching pink, almost a purplish hue. I think it's because his little skin is so thin. I can't see organs, but I can see where his eyes come together in his skull.

And his tail is striped black and pink, and he has little black dots on each toe. Quite a natty little fellow. I hope the cat doesn't eat him.

shrimplate said...

Does he do The Robot Dance like that one in the TV commercials?

Dina Staggs said...

My Husband found a solid pink lizard (gecko) in our kitchen. I usually don't like lizards but this one was just too cute not to like. Wish we could have kept him/her but didn't know what to feed it? After looking online pet geckos eat crickets & maggots.

chisara said...

yes i live in texas and there are pink geckos all over our house because one got in and had babaies. but they are to cute to want to get rid of.