Monday, August 01, 2005

"Great Scott!" I cried, springing from my chair

...."I've been reading too much Conan Doyle!"

Holmes, released from his burden of inactivity at last, turned his gleaming eyes upon me. I could see the subtle signs of excitement that, to a casual observer, might appear inconsequential. "Calm yourself, Jo," he replied, "It is a certainty that, after such a trial as you yourself endured last night, you would overindulge in the flowery prose of such an author. However, now is the time to action! The game is afoot!"

Grasping my revolver, I hurried to the door in Holmes' wake. My eyes lit upon the bed that Mrs. Hudson had made up in his absence.

"If you don't mind, Holmes, I'll just lie down here and have a little toes-up."


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh kay..... I am beginning to worry that the migraine might have been a leeeetle more sever than we thought... Nurse Jo is losing it....

Anonymous said...

Unless Nurse Jo is actually reading Conan Doyle, in which case she's spot on - "By Jo, I think she's got it!"

HypnoKitten said...

You're hilarious, Jo!!