Tuesday, November 30, 2004


The occasional Rock/Suck list returns.


1. Hamilton-Beach's version of an electric grilling machine. I just made no-added-fat salmon with garlic and pepper in under eight minutes. And mushrooms. And asparagus. Next up, portabello mushrooms. Plus, you can flatten the darned thing out and put on flat grill plates and make pancakes for your sweetie!

2. Glad Corn. For the love of Mike, stay away from this stuff. It's salty, crunchy, a cross between Corn-Nuts and popcorn, and I think they dust it with crack. The cat even ate some while my back was turned. You can find it at any good organic food store, right under the sign that says "I'd Turn Back If I Were You."

3. Land's End flannel sheets. I have a set that Beloved Sister sent after she was done with them, and they're still the softest, warmest things I own. No frays, either, on the hems.


1. Garnier Fructis Revitalizing Shampoo. I'm sure it's wonderful for some folks, and gee it smells terrific, but it turns my hair brown. My hair is red.

2. Any generic brand "guacamole-style" dip. Just...don't.

3. Dropping a Christmas present on your feet. Especially if it's a Christmas present your folks sent you. Especially if it's a 19-kilogram (41 lb) folding butcher-block table with a stainless steel frame. Again, just...don't.

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