Saturday, November 06, 2004

Finally, a political post.

This gentleman is the reason I'm a liberal.

"Comfort women." Nice. Just...well, I'll be honest with you. I understand that a blog's a blog; that people can be just as sweet or as nasty or as purposefully inflammatory as they want, and that a lot of folks are inflammatory for fun. We'll take that as read; I'm not naive enough to believe that everything written in the NetWorldBlogOSphere is meant to be taken seriously.

But "comfort women"? the thousands of Korean women who were tagged with that name originally not mean anything to you?

Curb stomping and comfort women. Amazing. Makes me wonder if somebody like Joe Lieberman is, in this guy's eyes, a Comfort Heeb. You know, not too bright, but good with the deli meats and bagels.

Holy shit. This is the reason I'm not moving to Canada. Specifically, the likes of Ann Coulter and William Bennet are the reason I'm not moving to Canada. *Somebody* intelligent has to stay and enunciate the other side's views.

For the record, the above link came from Pinko Feminist Hellcat's blog.

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