Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back in the saddle again...

A couple of folks have mentioned that my blog isn't the Laff Riot lately that they're accustomed to. I therefore present...

Tips for Folks.

1. If grandma is frail, confused, and 90 years old, put her bedroom on the *first* floor. That way she won't fall down the stairs and break all sorts of things.

2. Turn on the fucking light before you go to the damned bathroom. You won't break an ankle in 14 places.

3. I am the new sheriff, here to clean up the town. Deal with it.

4. You *will* get up. Doctor's orders are *orders*, not suggestions.

Don't make me tell you this again, people.

Have I mentioned lately how crazy I am about my boyfriend? I got to meet his sister in law, a woman with whom I'd love to have a couple of cups of coffee, over Thanksgiving weekend. It's rare that I approach somebody with the catlike caution that means I might make a friend, but I did her.

Also, his brother rocks my world. He mentioned casually during the evening that, as far as he was concerned, I was his new sister-in-law. Brother was rewarded with seeing me gape like a goldfish for a good five seconds.

But best of all is the way the day suddenly improves when he calls.

Enough mush. Off to the fridge for a beer; Nurse Jo is done for the day.

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