Friday, October 01, 2004

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Girly Product Reviews, Inspired by the latest Allure Magazine Issue

Olay Complete Body Wash, Sensitive Skin Formula
, is totally free of icky perfumes. It's also good for people with really, *really* dry skin, like me.

L'Oreal Lash Architect super-duper weirdo lash-curling waterproof formula will stand up to mineral baths in odd, out-of-the-way places, but the sensation of feeling your lashes curl is very odd. I'm sure there's some sort of polymer technology at work here, but I'd prefer to remain ignorant and simply throw the tube away. I have enough to deal with at 0500 four days a week without the sensation of various body parts being manipulated by colored liquid.

It also makes me look a whole lot like Carol Channing.

Dove products: buy them. All of them. Soap, lotion, scrub, whatever.

Dove Bars with almonds are the quintessential PMS food.

Toad Hollow chardonnay
is good for a crowd. Not too expensive, not oddly metallic and oily, with a pronounced oaky flavor that dissipates if you let it breathe.

Things I have discovered I am expert at:

1. Picking all the Oreo pieces out of a pint of cookies & cream ice cream.

2. Bandage changing.

3. Driving irresponsibly fast in construction zones.

4. Timing french fries in the oven so that they come out exactly as crispy as you want them to.

5. Avoiding political topics in my online life, though I'm feminist and liberal enough in the meat world to glow in the dark.

This last is why you won't see any dissection of the war or the debates or the Presidential campaign or any of the stupid things Governor Hair has done recently here. If you want a feminist political blog, check out whatshesaid.

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