Saturday, October 23, 2004

Damn, my ankle hurts.

I was leaving a patient's room today and somehow torqued my left ankle in such a way that it made a little teeeeeny "pop" noise and started to hurt. This was at 0900, of course, so I hobbled around on the ankle for the rest of the day, too busy to ice it or wrap it.

It wouldn't be considered a work injury, ironically enough, because though I was in a patient's room, I wasn't actually *doing anything with the patient* when the injury happened. I guess if you sprain a wrist while holding a pillow over a patient's face, that's workmen's comp for you.

It ain't broken, it's not bleeding, and it's not much swollen. Tonight I'll ice it and elevate it and compress it and all that and see if it's better by Monday.

Dark dread and horror

Monday is the rassumfrassum EKG test I've been simultaneously dreading and not studying for. I can recognize a lethal rhythm on a strip and I know what drugs to give, but some of the trickier, non-lethal rhythms are gone out of my brain. They need to git up on in here by Monday morning so I can keep my job until the next round of testing.

A lack of med blogs?

I read somewhere that medical types are less likely to blog than English majors or law folks. A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure gives the lie to that.

There are some excellent nursing student blogs in there, which surprises me. I don't remember having a lot of time to breathe in nursing school, let alone write funny and perceptive blog entries. These people may well be smarter than me, though. That's usually a safe bet.

And finally, it is officially fall.

I say that because I have my Annual Weird Rash again this year. I get this same Weird Rash every year during the fall, about the same time that other people are being socked with cases of hay fever. My personal opinion is that my body can only produce so much mucus. After attempts to break the Mucus Record, my immune system gives up and focuses on rashes. Itchy ones. Itchy, bumpy ones.

Please send nail clippers and back scratchers. And a three-inch ACE bandage, if you have one. Thanks.

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