Sunday, June 05, 2005

Things I like

In honor of having three days off in a row

Making up new lyrics to Pussycat Dolls music: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was as brilliant as I am?/Don't you wish your girlfriend was as smart as me?/Don't you wish your girlfriend was a specialist RN?/Don't you wish your girlfriend had a PhD?"

Having three days off in a row.

Cheese fries and a leetle nightcap at the restaurant I favor, when everyone else is done. Bartenders are interesting people.

Running/trotting three miles at once and not dying.

Clean sheets.

Clean scrubs, all at once.

My cat, just in general. She's insane (Janet The Writer heard me cuss at her more than once on the phone, poor woman) and cranky, but I love her.

Speaking bad French to people from Louisiana who speak good French.

Air conditioning. That should probably go up at the top of the list, given what the weather's been like lately.

Big giant dogs. As in 180 pound Great Danes and big ol' English Mastiff puppies that weigh almost as much as I do even though they're only nine months old. I'm crazy about big dogs, much like Audrey was crazy about Tiffany's.

Vacation plans. Practical jokes. Waiting in the airport for my flight to take off. Silver pins. Polish stoneware. Blonde jokes. The first scene of Episode Three. Going to bed early.

And so, Goodnight.


Susan RN said...

Nothing better than Polish stoneware, baby. And days off.

Anonymous said...

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I cannot fathom the rationale for a so-called "critical nursing shortage" in light of your postings.

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Anonymous said...

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