Monday, June 13, 2005

A happy customer service story

So I ordered some clogs from The Clog Shop. Dansko Sport clogs are the only type I can wear; the Professional line has too narrow a heel, and I fall over a lot.

Today I got a call from a very nice man at the store. Seems the clogs I'd ordered were only available in white, not black. They'd gone to the trouble of tracking down one of the only remaining pairs of another style that's practically identical. The store sending that pair to *them* wanted to get a C.O.D and charge them $20 in shipping.

The Clog Shop guys offered to eat half the shipping and charge me the other half. Since their shipping is already free, I said "Hell, yeah!" I now have two pairs of Dansko Sport clogs on their way, thanks to the smart people in Great Neck.

I believe strongly in shopping Mom & Pop places rather than El Giganto Box Stores, and this is why.


Tiberia said...

Ditto on the small shops - for the same reasons. (And I also love my Dansko clogs!!!)

V said...

Hi, I'm doctor Alice's friend & fellow physician. The powers that be at the Firm have stated that OSHA says that backless clogs are a no-no, that only the ones with the nerdy ankle straps are OK. I have yet to see any self-respecting nurse or OR personel wearing such items. Have you any knowledge of such OSHA regs?? (I have these pretty blue Bass ones that I was loving until they came down on me.)

ps - love your blog.

Jo said...

Hiya, V!

I haven't ever seen anybody wear nerdy heel-strap clogs. Seems to me that they'd be more of a hazard than the backless ones.

Have you looked into the plastic/rubber Birkenstocks? Chef Boy has a pair he loves, and all the night nurses wear 'em. They're backful, but they come in cool colors and make you look like an elf.

An elf with ginormous feet, true, but if they're purple ginormous feet, who cares?

As for the OSHA regs, I've not ever heard no-nos on backless clogs. Sounds to me like a case of CYA.

Judy said...

Oh no, my total lack of fashion sense has been pointed out, yet again. I think those clogs with backstrap are cute. Don't have any, but after wearing SAS shoes for three years while rehabing my legs, my shoe sense has changed (warped) abit.

The Clog Shop has great looking shoes! Wonder if they are in wide sizes?

Anonymous said...

The Clog Shop in Great Neck caters to the Medical profession. Their web address is and phone # is 1-888-MED-SHOES. They offer Free shipping and each package comes with great free gifts like tote bags, pens and waterproffing spray.