Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sudden moment of self-doubt: am I still cool?

Hate Coldplay.

Bored by Tom and what's-her-name. (Speaking of which, recent research has shown that certain "important" faces might be stored in a few brain cells devoted exclusively to that purpose in our brains. Thus, we have a few brain cells devoted to Halle Berry, a few devoted to Robert Gould, and so on. Which depresses me. Any number of brain cells devoted to celebrities is too many.)

Love political discussions.

Two vintage painted Mexican tourist skirts in closet.

Hair sticks up all over head without my trying.

Two holes, one in each ear, no tattoos. (Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.)

Screamingly liberal, still.

Thinking of taking back old part-time job as family planning counsellor at Planned Parenthood.

Can quote lines of poetry.

Make kick-ass mac & chee.

Share that recipe with the world.

Thirty pounds overweight...
...but boobs not yet hitting waistband of jeans.

Excellent intuitive diagnostician, paranoid nurse.

Consumes gallons of Scotch. Neat.

Just commented on 18-year-old's blog. For the record, she writes *hilarious* stuff. Much funnier than my best efforts.

Yeah. I'm still cool.


Robert Newsom said...

Yes, you are definitely cool. Why were you even worried? I, on the other hand, know that I am definitely NOT cool. Interesting, maybe, but not cool.

HypnoKitten said...

I agree with you about the celebs! Who has time?

You are cool!