Friday, October 09, 2015

Today, Raji came to me. Raji's about as Indian as Indian can be.

Perfect vase-shaped figure, long black braid, gorgeous gold earrings, and a bindi. Raji is recognizably Indian. And she came to me with the revelation that my confused patient had called her "Senorita."

I explained that he'd probably seen the long black hair and the honey-colored skin and thought that she was Hispanic. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

Later, when I'd had a minor disagreement with an attending (more on that in the days to come), she exclaimed, when I mentioned his recognizably-Indian name, "Oh! I thought he was Hispanic!"

"Hello, Senorita!" I responded. "How are we supposed to have world peace when y'all can't recognize each other from across the room?"

This is what passes for humor on my unit on a hard day.


Mick Anderson said...

It seems like the UN around our workshop. All the safety notices in our workshop are in Arabic, although the building is in England.

Out of a dozen staff we have several Pakistanis, along with Portugese and a Pole. I think we only need a Peruvian and a Patagonian to complete the set.

Yrsis said...

The phrase "all look alike to me" comes in there somewhere, doesn't it? Tell me it does.

CrowsCalling said...


Nurse Dee said...

HAHAHAHA - I completely get this.... my hubby is from Pakistan and everyone thinks he's hispanic - when we've gone to Cuba on vacation they always say "welcome home" and tell him he's in the wrong lane when he goes in the visitor's lane.

Often times the only way that I can tell the Indian's at work apart is by their names - it's usually the easiest way!