Saturday, May 23, 2015


Things I need to do this week:

1. Buy floaties
2. Figure out some way of keeping my trash bins from being washed down the street
3. Review alternate routes to work in case Lake Littleton overflows the ancient two-lane bridge that spans it
4. Grow gills and webbed feet

The rain hasn't been as bad here as it has been in North Texas, but Jeez. Everything Deep In The Heart of Texas is soaked.

Things I need to do to deal with Keith:

1. Answer patiently when he asks me why a patient with Hashimoto's encephalopathy is on a neuro unit rather than under the endocrine service
2. Ignore his assertions that Josh Groban is Classical Music
3. Not correct him when he gets the timeline of inspiration backwards vis a vis Vivaldi and Bach
4. Figure out where to hide his body at work, and
5. How to dispose of it without getting DNA all over my car

Things I need to do around the house:

1. Weed the front beds, if it ever stops raining
2. Buy a dehumidifier
3. Re-up flood insurance
4. Prep three sets of scrubs for this coming week
5. Brush Mongo
6. Groceries

Things I need to cook:

1. Omelettes for the coming week (my preferred breakfast; usually involves mushrooms)
2. Chef salad, pasta, that fantastic quinoa salad my neighbor fed me, White Girl Bibimbop (aka MmmBop)
3. Something for dinner each night
4. That goes with cheap white wine

Phone calls I need to make:

1. Mammogram
2. Dentist
3. Vet
4. Mom
5. Lotion Slut Sister Pens
6. Dial-a-Prayer


messymimi said...

If you want to keep from committing murder, you might want to call Dial-a-Prayer first. Good luck.

Dr. Alice said...

Did you say White Girl Bibimbop? Got a recipe?
PS - Good luck with Keith.

RehabNurse said...

Got connections. Will contact the Dial a Prayer folks here in Rehab Land for you.

They score miracles. We can only hope it'll be your turn.

Remember, you only get help if you ask...or so that verse goes.

Have never been afraid to ask.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Allison said...

Good grief, your WEATHER! We were recently in Kanab, Utah; thinking about going to Colorado. We turned tail and retreated to Tucson. It's hot here, but there is no hail and no rain. Good luck to you and your garbage cans.

Kimberly said...

Another recipe request here. I love bibimbap; curious about your alternative.

Nurse Dee said...

Remember that murder with forethought = 1st degree

doing so in the heat of the moment = 2 or even 3rd degree

difference = death penalty or life in prison - pick your poison!

Elle said...

Weeds. I have a few that are five feet tall. It hasn't stopped raining long enough here in Okla to allow me to tackle them. I figure eventually my entire lawn will wash down the street and perhaps take the weeds too. Or the house will float off its piers and head downstream. I'm getting weather PTSD.

Aviana said...

Regarding: Things I need to do to deal with Keith #5

If you figure this out, you will become really, really wealthy.