Monday, May 18, 2015

It happened again.

After the Day of the Seizing patient, Kitty and Courtney and I took three days off. We met again, yesterday, when a patient's family member (not the same patient, not the same family member) caught her shoe on a perfectly flat place on the floor and fell.

I saw her fall. She didn't even have the chance to get her hands out in front of her. She landed with a horrible smacking noise, right on her face. And so we hit the panic button and who should come around the corner but Courtney.

Who helped us check the person out, helped us help her up, got her back into the room she came from (she refused to go to the ED), and then stood and stared at us. With a "REALLY??" expression on her face.

What she said really doesn't bear repeating. I guess, when you have a father who spent time in the Navy, you learn lots of interesting turns of phrase.

And that was my day yesterday.

Today I worked with Keith, and came up with some interesting turns of phrase of my own. But now is not the time for those stories. Now is the time for a pizza and wine and bed.


RehabNurse said...

Wow! If I were that man's relatives, I think I'd just send him a card.

Hospitals can be dangerous places.

messymimi said...

Wow. Let's hope this is the last time.

Anonymous said...

You know you'll be rid of him soon (unless the department that promotes him to management interacts with your unit).