Monday, March 21, 2011

Wish list.

A bidet. A real bidet, not one of those Toto toilet-seat ones.

A heated towel rod.

Living somewhere that winter really means *WINTER*, not just six inches of snow atop four inches of ice and then it's gone by Wednesday.

Bonus to the above: Max was *so happy*!!!11!!ponies!! when it snowed this year, he could hardly stand it. His arthritis didn't bother him a bit.

Learning Capoeira, or whatever that Brazillian martial art that requires lots of upper-body strength is.

Singing again. My singing voice went from okay (pre-surgery) to fucking fantastic (six weeks post-surgery) to fucking bloody awful (today) because of the reaction of my head to the prosthetic palate.

Radiant heat under my wood floor, varnished trim with white walls, and a set of doors that are all a foot wide and as tall as the room, that I can open to let the air in. Curling up on the world's weirdest cotton mattress, under a down comforter and a fucking REINDEER SKIN, in Denmark, with the door open so I could watch foxes run past in the back yard of a suburban house, is one of my favorite memories. The tea they had for breakfast, not so much.....but the foxes? Pure bliss.

"Oh, there's a fox" Renate said. "A fox?" I thought. Apparently foxes are not that big a deal in Birkerod.

Not having to think about my palate.

A new palate. Please, God, let somebody design and make a new palate that works like the old one, some time within the next twenty years, so that I can have my palate back.

No more cancer.

A date. Seriously.

Max would like a week free of his collar, a new chewy bone ($14.95 at the local grocery), and nails that don't need to be trimmed by the Horrible Trimming People Of Doom at the vet. He would also like a neighborhood free of the ice cream guy, but only because he's getting tired of chasing him.


Anonymous said...

There is a capoeira school in big sprawls ville.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that bidets can have multiple uses.

Bardiac said...

If you drive north for a day or so, you're welcome to come visit here and enjoy winter from October through March/April. I have a fenced yard, so Max is welcome, though when it gets deep enough, he'd probably be able to step over the fence without much effort. :/

Geosomin said...

You may want to reconsider the real winter thing. It's lovely most days...but gets old in spring when it overstays it's welcome or stays at -40 for too long :)

messymimi said...

For foxes, i might live with pernio.

Unknown said...

When I initially read about the treatment for your can-suh I actually wondered how it would affect bel canto vocal technique. Awesome that you posted about it here. Kind of sad that most vocalists spend decades gaining proper control of their soft palates to get them out of the way so vowels resonate better in the front of the skull, but if you get cancer, wham, that's taken care of.

Sorry if that was insensitive.

Anywhom, just wanted to say hi again. Hope all is well!