Sunday, March 06, 2011

All Play And No Work Puts Jo Behind The 8-Ball.

I have three deadlines to meet and no clue how to meet them.

However! This weekend I ate huevos quatro quesos with Pal Joey from Montreal, scratched a pony on his neck in such a way that his winter coat started to blow and he stretched his neck waaaaay out, loved on a number of Greyhounds, one of whom was a twin to the late lamented Bucky, and tapped my feet to Irish fiddling.

I also trimmed a tree with a pole saw (yay me) and chopped down several feet of brush. I drove all over Bigtown, got lost only once, and managed to get Aforementioned Pal Joey to the airport after a long weekend of driving, mojitos, more driving, and traffic from hell. It was like a Jedi mind trick: You Must Go South To Go North.

I also hung out with three-quarters of the Fearsome Foursome, met the biggest damn dog I have ever seen, and ate much Fair Food. So it was okay.

Especially the tree-trimming part. I am much more capable than I ever dreamed I was.


danielle said...

where were you with the dogs and ponies et al? Sounds like fun ... Irish Wolfhound? (My guess for the big dog) or Mastiff?

Allison said...

Well of course you're capable. You are a nurse, master of the universe, knower of what needs to be known, and etc.

shrimplate said...

The biggest dog I ever saw was an English Mastiff who wieghed... get this: 230 lbs. Big boy, that one. He could play "fetch" with a 55-gallon oil drum, if he could find someone to toss it for him.