Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holy crapping monkeys, you guys.

Therabite #2 is more than halfway to being bought.

You all raised more than two hundred smackers in less than twenty-four hours.

This is all you. All I'm doing is providing a piggybank for other peoples' goodwill.


Edited to add:

I am sitting at my desk, crying. Crying seems to come really easily to me since this whole Cancer Thing got started.

The Therabite fund just got a bunch of donations that make the purchase of one, plus a chunk of another, Therabite possible.

More than six hundred dollars came in in the last hour. One huge donation came from one person whom I'm not naming but whom I am forever grateful to. And I just ended a sentence with a proposition, which gives you some idea of how worked up I am.

When I started this blog, it was nothing more than an outlet for my own self-centered musings. Over the years, people have talked back, or written asking for advice, or (usually justifiably) called me out on stupid stuff I've said, until it's become more of a dialogue between me, one nurse on the Great Dusty Plains of Central Texas, and the Huge Interwebs World.

I never felt that as strongly as when I posted that holy fuck, I have cancer, and I'm really scared. Overnight, people came out of the woodwork to offer support, their own stories, and their prayers. That was more than enough--I can never, *ever* pay back what y'all did for me. You kept me alive on days when I was so frightened that all I could think about was going back to work and stealing insulin from the Pyxis.

Now you all have come through in a way that humbles me and makes me overjoyed. Because you give a damn about what happened to one person whom you've never met, you're making it possible for any number of other people to have hope, and a decent quality of life, and maybe a little easier time just *living*.

I don't care whether you gave a tenner or a five-spot or a hundred bucks: I am grateful, grateful to you. You all and God and everything else have been so, so good.

I'm going to email the founder of the Oral Cancer Foundation now, since we seem to have more Therabites than takers (zut alors!) and work with him on this.

Happy Hanukkah, everybody. The miracles didn't stop with the lights. No, they did not.


Anonymous said...

loved reading about the first recipient. if you hear from others, please share the stories. you can testify to the power of telling stories... please continue.

SadieSadieLady said...

Thank YOU for being the advocate for so many people who can't do it for themselves and letting us know about this. Thank you.

birdergirl said...

Out of the horrendous comes the positive. Perhaps you will end up with a Head Nurse Therabite Foundation! The OCF can just have a whole bunch of them lined up for those in need. Bless you for doing this.