Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today was a good day.

The Big Boss decided that something that was okay last week was definitely not okay this week, and was in fact pissing her off, but I survived that.

One of my patients decided to do some crazy-ass, CT-requiring, major-yikes Stroke ReActivation Boogie today, but that got dealt with. I survived *that*.

I worked only a half day today and, on the way home, got gas. Nothing survivable about that, except that I also met the (excuse me just a minute; I must squee):


Sweetest, wiggliest, loose-skinnest, nommable-est, floppy-eared-est WUGGLE SNUGGLE pit bull named Max. He was in line at the counter when I went to pay for my fuel, and turned, opened his mouth and smiled, and perked his ears up when I said, "Hiya, Dollface!"

His owner looked gobsmacked that I would be interested in petting a pit bull, especially a pit bull owned by a tattooed, pierced, gangsta type. "I love pits," I said, "my nephew is a pit mix, and he's very sweet." "They can be," replied the gangsta, "but there are a lot of bad owners out there."

I then got my ear licked (in violation of my No Jaws Near The Face rule) as Gangsta and I discussed the merits of a bones-and-raw-food diet versus premium dried food. Who knew I would talk about Muenster versus IAMS with a guy for whom Tupac wasn't hard-core enough?

Then I got home. And the cats were glad to see me, and I took an hour-long nap in a pre-warmed bed with cats holding down the blankets.

Then my Max and I played Tackle The Human for a bit, and my neighbor brought me his award-winning veggie chili.

Tomorrow I might just, if you're all lucky, tell you about the *weirdest* stroke symptoms I have ever seen, courtesy of a patient who came in this morning.

In the meantime, I'm going back to bed. I have a hot water bottle, two cats, and the Zoaters waiting on me.


Silliyak said...

Oh, THAT kind of gas!

terri c said...

I love snuggly pit bulls. They can indeed be cupcakes.

bobbie said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!!!

rnraquel said...

Awww. I have a snuggly pit bull myself. I love that you see past their bad reps.

Anonymous said...

isn't normalcy (and I use that term loosely) delightful?

shrimplate said...

One of my favorite stroke victims was a guy named Jack who had expressive aphasia but he couls till sing. He liked old tuned such as "Bye Bye Blackbird."