Tuesday, November 09, 2010

And, on a brighter, non-cancery note,

Look at this. Just LOOK at this.

That is Anna from Door Sixteen, looking amazing in a color of lipstick/nail polish that I have always wanted to wear but am banned from by virtue of being a freckle-faced redhead with blue eyes.


If you go to MAC or Sephora and you've got my coloring and you try on that color of lipstick? A huge claw comes down out of the ceiling, like in one of those stuffed-animal games, and grabs you and throws you out in the street.

I think it's the same claw that comes down and grabs you if you're in Hot Topic and you're over 35.

But Anna looks amazing. And, as pale and wan as I'm feeling right now, I really envy her.


Celeste said...

Jo, have you ever tried this website? I saw it in People magazine. I get mistaken for Snow White so I can't comment but it looks intriguing.

haley said...

I too love that color but it's also not for blue eyed, mousey brown haired, girls with cheeks so rosey that the MAC ladies always try to convince her that she's got roseacea every time she goes in the store.

Crazed Nitwit said...

I have never gotten the hang of lipstick and I'm 48. I'd look like a psychotic clown in that color. Scary.

messymimi said...

I would look terrible in that color. I think the powers that choose the colors purposely choose the colors that only look good on 1% of the population to let us know who is in charge.

LizzardO said...

I agree with messymimi. I look horrible in that color too, and I feel like I need to be a "lady of the night" with that color. And you know I am a pale brunette with hazel eyes!!

CandyGirl said...

I'm in my late 30s and still go into Hot Topic... it's fun and freaks out the goth kids. :)

No giant claw-street-throwing has ensued so far, but I'll keep an eye out.