Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This is what Terri's suggestion made me think of:

Grunt Doc's post on his own Wasabi Mistake, back in the day.

Seems to me that the Wasabi Mistake Excuse is going to get dragged out the most. It is, after all (as Grunt Doc says) a public service of sorts, to warn the uninitiated.


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend was born with complete cleft lip and palate, and only after his last surgery in college did he start breathing (a tiny little bit) through his nose. He actually still uses wax to close up what's left of the hole in his palate - there was never enough material to finish closing it. He's also relearned to talk so many times after surgeries that he can pronounce all kinds of weird words.
Anyhoo, we were having sushi some time after his now-you-can-use-your-nose surgery and he had a similar wasabi incident. He had NEVER felt the heat because it requires your sinuses to function. And now they did. He piled up a giant heap of wasabi on his first roll. It was hilarious, actually. Sadly, now he's too scared of wasabi to eat sushi!

messymimi said...

I do remember a Reader's Digest story about an Oriental restaurant in a Hispanic neighborhood that had to put a sign next to the wasabi.

It read, Wasabi, muy caliente, no es guacamole!

Penny Mitchell said...

Even though it means revealing that I've seen "Jackass", one of the stunts involved shorting lines of pure Wasabi. It did not go well.