Saturday, October 23, 2010

I keep trying to post, but then the medication hits.

I have the generic version of Lortab Elixir in the Knock-'Em-Out, Kick-'Em-Overboard strength, so I go from sort-of making sense to not making any sense at all.

First, to recap: surgery was a success. Dr. Crane did remove all my soft palate and a whole lot of my hard palate, but the DDS who's doing the obdurator revision assures me that it's better this way. Dr. Crane and his folks got at least a centimeter margin all the way around the lesion, and only had to take one tooth out rather than two.

It's amazing how well this has gone from the start. Things went just as well on Wednesday: the anesthesiologist induced me with no drama, I woke up in post-op, and from the minute I woke up remembered everything that happened.

I didn't even have any nausea. None at all. That's how amazing this has been.

I'll see Dr. Crane again a week from yesterday and the DDS sometime before then. I don't know when I'll start radiation; I imagine we'll talk about that during the first follow-up appointment.

Meanwhile, Max is on the living room rug and the boys have invaded Friend Pens' personal space to a shameful degree. It's a little rainy and very cloudy here, and I have stacks of books and movies to get through, if I don't feel like napping.

Thanks, everybody, for all your good wishes. It was so comforting to log on from the hospital bed and see that the world still existed outside!

And whee! There's the pain meds. Guacamole over vanilla ice cream sure sounds good right now.


Eileen said...

Maybe you need to keep a note of the culinary ideas and publish the cookbook for the use of other carers??????? Keep up the rate of recovery.

Jake R. Wanna be nurse said...

I am praying for you jo! I love your sense of humor. As a wanna be nurse in his last year of high school, reading your blog has given me even more of a push to join the nursing field! Hope you feel better soon!


bobbie said...

Sending you thoughts for gentle but fast healing ~~~

Be good to yourself ~

terri c said...

Warm thoughts sent and will continue, but... Guacamole on ice cream? I suppose I shouldn't knock it until I've tried it, but right now if I were on meds that made me think of that combo I'd call it an adverse reaction. Keep healing!

CQ said...

I'm so glad you are doing well. Keep on keeping on and we are all here rooting for you even if some of us mostly lurk. Resting does the body good, especially after a trauma like this. Get enough fluids, and if guac on vanilla sounds good, go for it.

CandyGirl said...

Is there something weird about eating guac with ice cream? ;)

I'm so happy that things went better than expected. I am also happy that there are awesome pain meds out there for you. Glad you're they didn't take out any of your sense of humor either. :)

LilPixi said...

Fairly new reader here. I love your blog posts & love a good nurse!

Just wanted to throw out my well wishes for an easy recovery. Looks like good news for you all around at this point & I'm so glad everything's gone so well. R&R time now.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Guacamole over ice cream? You are SOOOOO stoned! LOL. Glad things are going better than you anticipated.

shrimplate said...

Chocolate and guacamole? No go, eh?
I'm wishing you the best, Jo.

Dr. Alice said...

So glad you're okay. Really glad you didn't have nausea - that would suck.
Hug your pets for me and keep on getting better.

Celeste said...

Wow, sounds like things are going really well. I can't even tell you how relieved I am for you.

Botanically avocado is a fruit...but if it works for you over ice cream I'm not saying a word!

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going so well for you - and I'd be like one centimeter margins all the way around?? -- yeeah baby! Take 2 if you need to! (I kid t a certain extent) but that MFer needs to be g o n e! Forgive my lapse into my native valley-girl-ese. It happens when I'm happy for people. Elyse

messymimi said...

Glad you are home, and prayers for speedy recovery continue.