Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, *this* is a downside.

I'm awake, and it's 0830 GMT (or 0230 Central Time). Which means that nobody else in the city is awake, except those other poor sots that work nights. And the cats, who are alternately playing Kill My Brother ("I lub my brudder. So I keel heem.") and Cuddle With Max, Thus Freaking Him The Fuck Out.

Thus, I must get sleepy. In order to get sleepy (so I can get my oil changed and my hair chopped and go to Home Depot tomorrow, like normal people do), I am doing the most relaxing things I know:

Did you know Willie Nelson wrote this? I heard an interview with him once in which the interviewer asked him how he'd come up with the "Crazy" lyric. He answered that "Stupid/I'm stupid for feeling so lonely" didn't work as well as "crazy".

Aggressively hopped? I'd say so. With an ABV of 9.2%, this is guaranteed to make you woozy. Plus, it uses Fuggles hops, which is the best reason to drink it. "Fuggles" sounds like the evil stepbrothers of the Wiggles.

And finally, I'm going to go off and read Tam Lin. It's comforting and not as fast-paced as The Phantom Tollbooth, which means it's a better bedtime read.


Anonymous said...

This is a definate downside to nights. I used to clean when I was awake in the middle of the night but as an apartment dweller, it was not a good idea to vacuum at 0300 so I never felt I could complete the task.

Penny Mitchell said...

Willie Nelson is GOD.