Monday, January 18, 2010

In Which....

...Jo becomes a sparkly vampire

I was resentful and nauseated at the beginning of last night, but as soon as things got moving, I did fine. The usual two-ack-emma to three-ack-emma slump wasn't even so bad. And I didn't nearly fall asleep on the way home, either.


Never thought I'd be able to say that I did okay on a night shift.

The secret seems to be snacking. I took a variety of weird vegetables marinated in odd substances, some lean protein, and a few complex carbs with me and just plain munched all night. It kept me away from the coffeemaker and awake and energetic.

By the way: Did you know that, in addition to their other good qualities, respiratory therapists make the best coffee? I love me some RTs anyhow, and discovering that they had a pot of coffee brewed from real coffee beans that they'd ground right there in their breakroom just made me love them even more. Especially when it transpired that they had real cream to put in it.

...A milestone's in spitting distance

HN is at (as of this post) nine hundred and fifty one entries. That's almost a thousand. It's within shooting distance of a thousand, at any rate. I feel like I ought to do something special for the thousandth post, but I have no idea what. Fireworks? Dancing girls? Hugh Jackman jumping out of a cake?

...Another milestone's also looming

In roughly a month, give or take, I'll be forty. The thought of turning forty fills me with much less trepidation than the thought of driving out to IKEA tomorrow to return some stuff, but again, I feel like I ought to do something to mark the occasion. I have that day and the day after off of work, so any suggestions as to on-your-own birthday celebrations are welcome.

Meanwhile, I have things to do. None of them, sadly, involving Wolverine covered in buttercream, but a girl can dream, right? Right?


Bardiac said...

One of my best birthdays involved taking some friends out to dinner and not telling them why, just enjoying their company.

Forty was a good year for me, mostly; I hope it's good for you!

Engranon said...

You'll do just fine at 40 or any other age!

BTW, I have a thank you for your corn chowder recipe: (Sunday's post)

RehabNurse said...

4-oh was not so bad once I got there.

I wanted to take a monumental journey somewhere I hadn't been with some friends, but those darned rug rats amongst us got in the way.

So my 40th trip was delayed...but I'm getting a big, long, girls only road trip cross country soon.

At least I can say I did interesting stuff at 41...and have more planned with family in tow.

Don't fret...just go for it!

Pam said...

Backyard bonfire!